Why Trump’s Accomplishments Will Get Him Re-elected

By Michael Todd

One of the biggest obstacles for Democrats during this presidential election is the many foreign and domestic accomplishments Trump has achieved. This particular area has helped Trump gain an enthusiastic following and helped him beat back the constant barrage of media propaganda. From the beginning, the bar was set very low for Trump as a non-politician, yet he proved them wrong and delivered considerable gains in the economy, trade, criminal justice reform, and foreign policy. As a result, the enthusiasm gap between President Trump and Joe Biden becomes clearer

Trade and the Economy

From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump’s goal has been to reinvigorate the economy through many sustainable steps. One of the most significant policy moves set forth by the Trump administration was to ensure international commerce parity between the United States and our trade partners. This entailed holding China accountable for its underhanded manipulation to further Trade disparity between our two nations. The Trump administration is also holding China responsible for its massive intellectual property theft to gain technological superiority. Their actions cost the United States half a trillion dollars every year.  He renegotiated NAFTA, which has proven to be a rather powerful success story. With his pro-growth policies, Trump delivered the lowest unemployment on record, including the lowest Black, Latino, and Asian unemployment ever. For the first time in decades, under Trump, earnings for the lowest-paid rose faster than the rich, lowering wealth inequality. Median household earnings have also increased considerably while staving off inflation.     

Judicial Landscape

Trump has remade our judicial system, allowing constitutionalists to prevent radical judges from ruining our country. With his appointments of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett to the supreme court, he has given Republicans a 6 – 3 majority. Additionally, Trump’s appointments prevent the democrats from making 11th-hour changes to our election rules, giving them an advantage. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Donald Trump was able to pass criminal justice reform, effectively crippling Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill, which put Black Americans in jail at disproportionate rates. He ensured that historically Black Colleges received funding for ten years, doing away with the year by year funding that was susceptible to economic downturns.  He also created economic opportunity zones with billions of dollars to help spur development in minority communities. This, coupled with record-low unemployment, has created many prospects for those seeking to better themselves while getting away from depressive Democrat policies.

Border Security

Catch and release, which was passive enforcement of our borders, was ended.  The border wall is almost completed and is already reducing child sex trafficking, human smuggling, and many illegal substances that kill thousands every year.  It is also diminishing the number of illegal immigrants driving down wages, and taxing our healthcare system.


Trump is the first president in over 40 years not to get us in a war or conflict. As a policy, the United States cannot keep engaging in endless wars that do nothing but increase our national debt and cost American soldiers’ lives. He has been instrumental in rebuilding our military, which had stagnated under the previous administration. Trump defused the North Korean nuclear weapons crisis he inherited from the Obama administration. The president has brokered four peace deals in the Middle East between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  Moreover, President Trump has brokered new alliances such as the security pact between the United States, Australia, Japan, and India, to protect against Chinas aggressive expansionist actions.

When putting all of Trump’s accomplishments in perspective, it destroys the achievements of the last four presidents combined. It’s a shame that the media are entirely in the tank for Democrats because, with support, the president could have been even more productive in his first term. It’s also worth noting that all of his successes were realized while dealing with a hostile congress bent on impeaching him and feckless Republicans unwilling to support him.  The choice is clear over who is better for America, Trump, with his optimistic message and long list of successes, or Biden with his pessimistic message and record of doing nothing but enriching his family.  

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