Why Trump Will Win in November

By Michael Todd

With the media strenuously shielding Biden and hiding his many negatives, why is he not further ahead? The coverage Trump receives from the media is 90% negative, while in contrast, Biden enjoys 85-95% positive reporting. This discrepancy should be concerning to the Democrats because Biden has been unable to break away in the polls. This can be attributed to Trump’s popularity amongst conservatives and support from shy voters who are unwilling to reveal who they are voting for due to a  fear of retaliation from the left. Additionally, many demographics that vote Republican in low numbers have begun to see the benefits Trump brings to their communities.  This illustrates some of the most glaring deficiencies plaguing current polling and the Democrats.

So what does this mean for Trump? Conservatives are enthusiastic about supporting President Trump because he is a fighter, and they understand the countless challenges presented by a compromised media.  In previous elections, Republican candidates continuously cowered to political attacks from the media and Democrats for fear of looking unhinged. Trump is the polar opposite of those ineffectual politicians not willing to defend conservative principles or themselves. While the President might come across as crass and argumentative, his style allows him to not only protect himself but get his message out.  It also projects strength, which is lacking from Joe Biden.

When it was learned that the President had contracted COVID, leftists wished for his death less than an hour later. Unfortunately, this is the sad state of irony plaguing the Democrat Party, the so-called party of tolerance. Democrat Party members and well-known media pundits were also giddy with the diagnosis. Nancy Pelosi floated that she is second in line for succession while making offensive remarks about the President’s illness. Simultaneously, Chuck Schummer pushed for delaying the vote for Amy Coney Barrett while attacking President Trump. This speaks more of party instability, not one supposedly on the verge of a momentous win. Even though liberals control the media, their irresponsible actions and lack of self-control have not gone unobserved by voters. 

Since Trump took office, he has been under constant attack from the left and their media propagandists. No other President of the United States has ever had to endure the detestable level of attacks leveed against him. Democrats have relentlessly tried to delegitimize President Trump and destroy his family from the fake Russian collusion conspiracy to the impeachment process. Yet despite the democrats trying to destroy his presidency, the President has never wavered. This is the quality people look for in a leader, someone that tells them what they need to hear versus what they want to hear.  His core fans respect him for this quality.

Given the left’s hysteria over opposing views, more people than ever are reluctant to express their conservative beliefs and support for Trump, distorting the media’s polls. The lack of enthusiasm for Biden shows little confidence in him as a candidate.  Data also suggests that half of his supporters have a negative view of him. There is also a significant lack of certainty in Biden’s ability to complete his duties if elected President.

The 2020 presidential election has brought us two candidates separated by clear distinctions in their accomplishments. Trump has done a great job as President, while Biden has been AWOL for 47 years. The economy has been fantastic and will continue to prosper. Taxes and regulations have been cut dramatically to help provide growth. These are just some of the things that make up a great presidency, which will reelect Donald Trump to the disappointment of Democrats.

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