Why the Military Overwhelmingly Supports Trump Over Biden

By Michael Todd

In a direct rebuke to the Democrat’s false narrative claiming the President disparaged military veterans, 235 retired military leaders came out to support President Trump. Citing the policies of the current Democratic Party and Joe Biden, the former military leaders stated, “We believe that President Donald Trump is committed to a strong America.” They also said, “As president, he will continue to secure our borders, defeat our adversaries, and restore law and order domestically.”

In a letter affirming their support for President Trump, the group highlighted the President’s commitment to a strong America. It is also worth noting that Trump is the first American President in 39 years not to start a war or thrust the United States into an international armed conflict.  Under the Obama administration, our military was subjected to aggressive force reductions, unrealistic rules of engagement, and a restructuring of our military hardware into an insurgent fighting force. Consequently,  this put the U.S. at a strategic disadvantage regarding near-peer adversaries such as China and Russia. Under the Trump administration, our military is rebuilding itself and projecting as a deterrent force with overwhelming offensive and defensive capabilities. Having unmatched capabilities is the most substantial deterrence a country can have.

The group also illustrated a significant contention point with Joe Biden and the Democrat party over open borders and the ill-fated Iran nuclear deal. Biden said he would unequivocally return us to the Iran deal and reopen our borders. Not only was the agreement with Iran a desperate move to accomplish something, but it also provided Iran with an immediate infusion of cash. The Obama administration also received nothing of substance in return, permitting the largest terror sponsor to spread its extremist influence throughout the Middle East.  

The former military leaders also agree with President Trump on how to treat our veterans and the obligation we have to take care of them. Under the Trump administration, veterans have seen their quality of care skyrocket due in part to people being held accountable at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The President has also completely overhauled the Department of Veterans Affairs and launched significant assistance programs for military families and veteran suicide prevention. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has a record of failure dating back many years. He consistently voted to cut military budgets even when he was pushing to enter major conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Biden and the Democrats also rejected pay raises for military personnel and instituted gun-free zones on some military bases because they wanted to pander to the anti-gun lobby. It’s also worth noting that mass shootings on military bases started not too long after that. Furthermore, Joe Biden was the only dissenting voice against killing Osama Bin Laden.

While President Trump is not always the most eloquent speaker, we did not hire him to be a great orator, but a leader who would reset America’s standing in the world. While previous presidents told Americans what they wanted to hear, Trump tells Americans what they need to hear, which is why his supporters love him so much. Trump’s no-nonsense style is not conventional by any means, but neither are his successes. This is a significant contention point for the left and their anti-Trump Republican allies because he cannot be controlled.

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