Why Biden/Harris is Wrong for America

By Michael Todd


   Over the past week, we have been provided insight into what a Biden/Harris presidency would look like, and it’s not pretty. Outside of all the flip-flopping and mental gymnastics explaining the many different positions taken by Biden and Harris, the Democrat party has become a vestige of its ideological self. From outright dishonesty about positions defending Marxist groups such as BLM and ANTIFA, the current left has become a party without an anchor to reality. This is not to say that all democrats are bad, and not all republicans are good, merely that extreme elements have taken over the democrat party and are pushing it in a radical direction. 

   The selection of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to lead the democrat ticket in 2020 emphasize the extreme lurch of the democrat party. While her father was once a police officer, Kamala Harris, compared the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service to the Klu Klux Klan. She also believes in providing government-run healthcare to illegal aliens, and she was the co-sponsor of the Green New Deal with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Harris is against U.S. energy independence, supports tax increases on everyone to pay for all the free services Democrats are proposing, which will bankrupt our country. She is a staunch advocate for dissembling the Second Amendment, and a strong supporter of taxpayer-funded late-term abortion, which over 70% of the American people are against.

   Biden, on the other hand, has an extensive record of over 47 years in government. Still, he’s trying to hide his past positions on issues to appease the democrat base, which bought into his current rhetoric. He played a crucial role in the 1994 crime bill, which put Congress’s full weight behind mass incarceration. One of the main sticking points in the legislation was the expansion of mandatory minimum sentences and the racist crack-cocaine sentencing disparity. He is against the Hyde Amendment, prohibiting taxpayer-funded abortions. A priest refused Biden Holy Communion in South Carolina for his stance on abortion. The Vatican expressly forbids any Catholic politician who may present him or herself for communion if they support abortion. When asked about this, Biden said he received communion from Pope Francis, which was untrue. In 2007 when asked about his faith, Biden said, “Look, I’m a practicing Catholic, and it is the biggest dilemma for me in terms of comporting my religious and cultural views with my political responsibility.” Why should his cultural and religious beliefs conflict with his political responsibility? If you are faithful, then those are your beliefs. Is he saying that the abortion lobby takes precedence over his religious views? If so, then he’s not as pious as he claims to be.

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”

 — Mark 8:36

   During his first presidential run in 1988, Biden had to drop out of the race due to repeated plagiarism charges that were later found to be true. During his campaign, Biden stole excerpts of speeches from John F. Kennedy, the leader of the Labour Party in the U.K, and many other famous politicians. This was devastating to his campaign because he was being touted as the most authentic candidate. In 1999 Biden was also instrumental in voting to overturn Glass-Steagall, which was created as a firewall between investment banks and FDIC deposits, preventing retail banks from using depositors’ funds for risky investments. This would later lead to one of the worst financial crisis in United States history. Congressman John Dingell then called the 07-08 banking crisis the night of Biden’s vote in 1999. 

   While the point man for the Obama administration for Ukraine and China, he utilized his position to enrich himself and his son. In Ukraine, Biden’s son was hired by Burisma holdings for a hefty sum of $83,000 a month right after meeting with Joe Biden. Biden later had the prosecutor fired that was investigating Burisma for many crimes such as money laundering. In 2013, Hunter Biden accompanied his father on an official trip to China. A week and a half later, Hunter’s company, Rosemont Seneca, would become a partner in a new start-up investment company backed by the state-owned Bank of China. Bohai Harvest RST, the name of the new partnership, would receive over 1.5 billion dollars from Chinese investors. Hunter’s firm held an equity stake and would be a lead investor in the fund under the terms of the deal. China Development Bank and China’s social security fund are also partners in the agreement. What’s intriguing about this is the fact that deals like this never happen with western investors. With the backing of the state-owned Bank of China, having a private equity fund inside the recently established Shanghai Free-Trade Zone, BHR had access to deals western firms could only dream of, including state-owned companies.  

   While many Democrats have called police the Gestapo, Nazi’s and a plethora of other derogatory terms, they’ve also called for the defunding of police officers across the country. When asked about his stance on the issue in an interview with activist Ady Barkan, Joe Biden said police forces don’t need surplus military equipment, and this is what leads them to “become the enemy” in a community. Then the interviewer asked, “But do we agree that we can redirect some of the [police] funding?” Biden then answered with, “Yes, absolutely.”

“Defund the police” means reallocating or redirecting funding away from the police department to other government agencies funded by the local municipality. That’s it. It’s that simple.”

Rashawn Ray – Brookings Institute 

   Ultimately, Joe Biden’s past actions show a proclivity for making decisions that benefit himself over the United States’ best interests. In conjunction with his diminishing cognitive ability, this will have disastrous consequences for the future of our country. Additionally, we cannot allow someone to ascend to the presidency that will most likely not complete his term, handing the reins to an unelected radical. Regardless of how much the media pushes fake heartwarming stories about Biden’s faith or love of his family, his actions speak for themselves, painting a picture of a corrupt politician willing to do or say anything to realize his political aspirations. For these reasons, Joe Biden is someone not fit to lead our country. 

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