Who Funds and Supports ANTIFA and BLM?

By Michael Todd

Currently, in the United States, we are experiencing a pivotal moment in our history. The issue centers around political ideology under the guise of civil rights. While the mantra of civil liberties is being used to gather support for their political cause, the left’s motives are to gain power at any cost. With the use of well-funded shock troops in BLM and ANTIFA, the radical left’s goal is to disrupt and weaken our society and engineer a Marxist transformation. Using the black community as a shield to perpetuate our society’s fundamental transformation through a climate of militancy, they use racial violence as a tool to extort companies and politicians into supporting and funding their movements. Furthermore, the prominent figures with instrumental positions of influence within these movements are all disciples of the radical positions set forth by Cloward, Piven, and Alinsky.

The commercialization of Black Lives Matter didn’t happen organically. Career Marxist agitators, with help from corporate and hidden benefactors, planned the riots waiting for the perfect time to strike. One telling sign of this is the staging of assets before unleashing the chaos. The logistical challenges that have been overcome by the rioters show a level of sophistication not indicative of a natural uprising. Bricks, bats, body armor, accelerants, and other materials, being staged in key areas to provide maximum effectiveness during the riots, shows coordination and strategy.

Defunding the police is a ploy to disarm communities, making them easier to control and conquer while pushing a Marxist ideology. Fidel Castro used this strategy to create perpetual fear, making it easier to subdue people and take power unchallenged. As a policy, it will have far-reaching consequences by destroying one of the central tenants of human nature, safety, and security. Yet many of these tactics are not new, but such tactics from a political party in the United States are overt support.

In Portland, people are dying after ANTIFA, and BLM activists become more emboldened to attack those disagreeing with their extreme ideology. Saturday’s targeted assassination of a Trump supporter from an ANTIFA radical illustrates the violent actions meant to oppress people from disagreeing with them. The democrats and media are complicit with their support and promotion of propaganda, creating an image that they are peaceful.  By denying the existence of violence from BLM and ANTIFA where they are killing police and innocent people, looting businesses, burning down cities, burning bibles, and tearing down statues shows the left supports these actions.

The claim that BLM and ANTIFA do not have high-level leadership and are a member-led organization with separate chapters all over the United States is not only preposterous but a deceptive campaign to prevent Federal jurisdiction across state lines. By operating under the pretense of not having a consolidated leadership structure, they can serve as separate entities without fearing Federal involvement. It is the responsibility of the mayors and governors under states’ rights to control these riots.

Corporations have a responsibility to our society not to fund terrorist organizations. At some point, these corporations’ shareholders need to hold leadership accountable for their reckless disregard for public safety. Instead of bowing to the possibility of being targeted by Marxist cancel culture, these companies need to lead by example and denounce the violent extremists burning down cities and killing innocent people. Social strife is inflicting irreparable harm on our country, and everyone has a responsibility to protect our society.

“When corporate America flows millions of dollars into explicitly terrorist organizations … violence and terrorism [flowing] from that should not be surprising.”

Ted Cruz

When pulling back the veil of the violent radical protest groups ANTIFA and BLM, we see a vast network of corporations and billionaire donors, including George Soros, determined to undermine the United States. The riots are all part of a coordinated campaign trying to prevent President Trump’s re-election and bring about a Marxist revolution. The left has chosen to create chaos instead of providing solutions to the many issues affecting our country. For these reasons, we cannot elect someone such as Joe Biden because he is a mere puppet beholden to the radical left.  If you value your safety and law and order, Trump is the only one to preserve the American way of life, so many have died to protect.

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