What to Expect from a Biden Administration

By Michael Todd

   In the past year, we’ve seen how Democrats run cities and states, so how will that change with a Biden presidency?  During the riots, Democrat mayors and governors ordered police stations’ abandoned and officers to stand down so that so-called peaceful demonstrators could loot and burn down communities. By ceding control of their communities to Antifa and BLM, they effectively boosted the morale of the hate America anarchists, who have developed into the militant arm of the Democrat Party. The criminalization of America is a real issue, one that will only worsen under a Biden Presidency.

   Biden’s longing to erode the Second Amendment merits particular attention. It is an extremist agenda that will destroy the right to bear arms in this country. During his presidential campaign, Biden was one of the most anti-Second Amendment individuals to run for president. This isn’t hyperbole but a reflection on the actions and statements he has made over the years and through his campaign.

   Joe Biden is very proud of the prominent role in facilitating the passage of the 1994 gun ban. We will most likely see an expansion of federal government powers and renewed attacks on our rights that will not be limited to firearm ownership.  He played a pivotal role in the Brady Bill. Until the creation of the NICS background check system,  this law provided a five-day waiting period to purchase a firearm. On his campaign website, he boasts about his starring role with  Senator Dianne Feinstein in secured the passage of 10-year bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He also states that “As president, Joe Biden will defeat the NRA again.”

   Even more troubling is when Joe Biden was a Senator, he wrote the bill banning so-called assault weapons in the United States for 20 years.  The ban loosely defined “assault weapons” in an exceedingly broad sense, most likely so that further restrictions could be implemented as time passed.  Under the law, the definitions of an assault weapon were as follows:


Flash suppressors or barrels threaded for them

Pistol grips

Folding and telescopic stocks

Bayonet mounts

Grenade launchers


Semi-automatic versions of any automatic firearm

Unloaded weight of over 50 ounces

Threaded barrels designed to accommodate flash suppressors, barrel extenders, suppressors, and handgrips

Barrel shrouds


Pistol grips

Detachable magazines

Folding and telescopic stocks

   The law likewise targeted several specific firearms that were widely popular with American gun owners. This included AR-15, the INTRATEC TEC-9, and the (IMI) UZI and Galil (an improved version of the AK-47). Not only were many of the restrictions unconstitutional, but they were also mostly useless. Many gun companies continued to manufacture virtually indistinguishable versions of the firearms prohibited by the law, only removing minor cosmetic features to get themselves into compliance. Furthermore, numerous studies found that there was almost no impact on violent crime throughout the United States. What it illustrated was nothing more than a power grab. Without speculation as to motive, we can definitively say that Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign platform was perhaps the most radical in modern American history, even though he never campaigned. Nowhere is this more evident than his position of firearms.

   Biden will most assuredly resume the Obama-era stratification of our society by creating larger divisions between economic classes, giving citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, attacking Christianity, restricting free speech, destroying gun rights, lessoning election rules to increase fraud, and using government agencies to spy on his opponents. Not only will these policies increase social and economic instability once again, but they will increase the subjugation of the American people. That effectively translates into a less secure society for everyone less rights and freedoms.

   The bottom line is that the Biden Administration will work to further the erosion of more rights and protections than any other administration before it. Whether or not Biden fully believes in his campaign rhetoric, he is a pawn to the radical forces controlling the Democrat party. So now, the far left will actively pursue police-state measures against law-abiding citizens while Geppetto pulls Biden’s strings.  

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