What Led Us To This Point In Our Elections

By Michael Todd

With the maelstrom of propaganda dividing our country, it’s easy to miss the many other things causing social stratification in our society. One such action is the extensive voter fraud taking place and how it disenfranchises millions of Americans. The 2020 election saw a wholesale shift in the way elections are carried out in our country. With the help of Covid, the left pushed for the loosening of restrictions that help prevent fraud. Unfortunately, they were successful in creating a system that catered to their fraudulent practices. As we are witnessing, this has virtually destroyed our election system’s sanctity and will have far-reaching consequences for years to come.  

Mail-In Ballots

In previous elections, a voter would have to request an absentee ballot and find a witness to verify their identity to vote by mail. This year nine states mailed out ballots to every person identified on their voting rolls, while others halted the witness prerequisite. This included dead voters and former residents no longer living in the state. Progressive groups in many swing states sued to lessen security for mail-in ballots, for instance, signature and witness requirements. In some cases, such as in Pennsylvania, allowing votes to be received well after the election.  

Poll Watchers Obstructed

In Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin, poll watchers were not allowed to observe ballot counting in the heavily contested areas, which is against the law. Additionally, in some cases, they were forced to watch from distances of 50 feet or more. Even more egregious, some poll watchers were compelled to stand outside and watch from the windows.

Electronic Voting Systems

Anyone with some semblance of computer skills understands how vulnerable they are to hacking. Additionally, the companies that produce voting machines in the US rely on Chinese manufactured parts, making them very vulnerable to foreign influence once connected to the internet.

Media and Social Media Censorship    

Media organizations and big tech firms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter have committed to a relentless smear campaign and censorship against President Trump and his supporters. From banning individuals to labeling everything they disagree with as false, they have done everything possible to prevent stories contrary to leftist ideology. This has effectively made them the defacto media wing of the Democrat party.

Over the past four years, Democrats painted President Trump as the embodiment of everything wrong with America. With the help of their media allies and never-Trump Republicans, they’ve been able to paint Trump as a diabolical villain. For this reason, many on the left have a remove Trump, by any means necessary mentality that has transformed into schizophrenic behavior. Under this pretense, they have disposed of what is right and taken things into their own hands, because in their minds, the ends justify the means.  

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