What Is The Actual Cause Of Division In America?

By Michael Todd

   The problems dividing our society are not just caused by the sensationalist headlines seeking to instill fear in segments of the population, but opportunistic politicians manufacturing crises to prolong their careers. By slowly giving the government so much control over our lives, politicians have used that to create fissures between groups to satiate their political ambitions. Now I am not saying the government doesn’t serve a purpose, nor am I saying that our society is without significant issues needing to be addressed. My intention is to emphasize the underlying cause for many of the issues plaguing our country.

   Politicians continually push specific issues dividing our country while never actually solving the problems. That’s because It is not beneficial for politicians to fix social issues. Their goal is to capitalize on an issue by prolonging it. This, in turn, allows them to create a crisis that can be exploited for political gain.  Essentially, the country is divided because politicians want it that way. One distinct advantage to creating such a divisive climate is that it helps herd people into smaller groups, making them feel more isolated and receptive to political assistance.

   For many years our society has strayed from a philosophy of self-responsibility to a belief in social responsibility where government plays the role of chief arbiter, dictating the rules of individual interactions. Many have been led to believe that people are incapable of self-governance; therefore, the state must regulate our interactions to foster societal equality. When myths such as those are established and become firmly ingrained in someone’s consciousness, it becomes an inseparable part of their belief system. Thus people naively believe all the political rhetoric being pushed that supports their ideology.  

   Think of the government as a business that manufactures products, and the main goal is to create profit. In the case of the government (politicians), the product is proposed solutions to a crisis. Before offering a solution, they do a benefit analysis to estimate the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives and determine options that provide the best approach to achieve benefits while preserving the issue for future use. In other words, they propose solutions that, on the surface, look helpful but will not fix the crisis. It not only gives the impression that they are helpful but prolongs the issue for future benefit.   

   The strategy of never letting a good crisis go to waste is one such example of political exploitation by politicians. The most effective issue to exploit is one that can be resurrected from the past and continues to cause anxiety throughout society. An example of this is the idea of systemic racism within society. This broad term doesn’t provide examples yet eludes to a modern-day crisis requiring immediate attention to protect people from the evils lurking within. The reason is not to provide solutions or end the issue; it’s designed to expand the issue of racism for future benefit.

   Meanwhile, tension grows within society, further dividing people into groups and subgroups. In part, such an issue’s function is to create dependency by persuading members of society that they are oppressed, and the politicians or political party will bring about their salvation. Yet all that happens is the further decay of society while politicians continue to push new issues formulated to get them reelected.

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