What Happens if Democrats Win in November

By Michael Todd

We are currently in a fight for the soul of our country. If the Democrats win in November, they plan on using a scorched earth policy to reshape our society and our government. From packing the courts to collapsing our immigration system, Democrats are bent on destroying any semblance of the founding fathers’ intentions for this great country. Nothing is off the table in an age of rage for Democrats, no matter how much damage it does to the country.

Packing the Courts

On countless occasions, Democrats have stated they will pack the courts with progressive judges if they win in November. Not only would this destroy any shred of cooperation between Republicans and Democrats, but it would also further the moral decline of our society. Their real intention is to ensure a bench that votes favorably for their causes, notwithstanding the constitution. This rationale would bring about a dystopian future for our society, which means anything other than liberal groupthink will be wrong, regardless of legal precedent.   

Rise of the social justice police

Cancel culture is a direct manifestation of the push for social justice. In recent years we have seen a shift in what terms such as social justice means. Progressives had slowly shifted the meaning to include distribution (“The distribution of advantages and disadvantages in society”) when the original notion of social justice had nothing to do with that. This was done to illude that an extra-human force or the state’s visible hand distributes equality. If history has taught us anything, its government is the destroyer of freedoms while distributing misery evenly.

Selling out manufacturing to China

One of the most contentious topics for Democrats is their direct ties to China and their soft stance when dealing with intellectual property theft. Chinas theft from Ameican industries costs us over half a trillion dollars a year. They are furthering the trade disparity between our two nations and need to be held accountable. With the Democrats push to increase taxes and regulations on corporations doing business in America, you will see another great exodus of manufacturing to foreign countries like China. Democrats don’t understand that higher taxes and suffocating regulations will cost people their jobs. Furthermore, their plan will make us dependent once again on other countries for medicine, manufacturing, etc. Do not forget our reliance on China to provide PPE and medical supplies during the outbreak of COVID.

Raising taxes

Rasing taxes will be devastating to our economy. By raising taxes on anyone making over $400,000, it will primarily target small businesses. Owners of small businesses will find it increasingly difficult to do business and hire more employees when devoting more money to increased regulation and taxes. This is a carryover from the Obama/Biden administration’s economic philosophy, which restricted growth, stagnated wages, and prevented unemployment reduction. When President Trump changed that disastrous policy, the economy immediately began to come alive. Democrats also want to eliminate the tax advantages enjoyed by retirement savings accounts such as 401K, which will be devastating to anyone saving for retirement.  

Ending the electoral college

If Democrats win the election, they plan on pushing to end the electoral college. But It’s worth noting why the founding fathers, when writing the constitution, opted for the president to be elected through the Electoral College, rather than by popular vote. One was to balance voters’ interests in states with large populations with those with smaller populations. They were careful to ensure that the deck was not stacked against large swaths of the people, giving all Americans a voice in their elections. If the electoral college were ended, a concentration of power would be held in select regions that would dictate policies to the rest of the country. While the founding fathers knew that the constitution was not perfect, they still had the foresight to make it harder for totalitarianism to occur. 

Collapse our immigration system

Democrats have insisted on keeping our borders open because they feel it benefits them politically. Keeping with the status quo of chaos at the border, Democrats allow drug cartels and human traffickers unfettered access into the United States with their lackadaisical border enforcement policies. Illegal immigration has hurt hard-working Americans by driving labor costs down and reducing the number of available jobs. Democrats also want to saddle future generations with immense healthcare debt by providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants, in addition to American citizens. 

“Americans have an “obligation” to foot the bill for any illegal immigrant in need of healthcare. “

Joe Biden

Destroy fossil fuels 

One of the Democrat’s most significant environmental goals is to crush the producers of oil, gas, and coal, forcing a switch to renewable energies. The only problem is there are no technologies capable of completely replacing fossil fuels. This has been one of the brightest spots in our economy and has reduced our dependence on foreign energy sources. But this would also hurt American workers. Millions of Americans work directly or indirectly with oil and gas companies. While they’ve begun to backtrack the destruction of the fossil fuel industry for political purposes, their true intentions have already been shown. Joe Biden himself said he would put fossil fuel companies out of business. 

Over the past four months, we have been given a taste of progressive rule. Many Democrat-run cites are experiencing rising crime, rioting, looting, increasing poverty, and many other dystopian elements of failed liberal policies. The days of pro-growth expansion, record low unemployment, and rapid wage increases would cease under the “new normal” policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats. Look no further than California to witness a microcosm of Democrat policies’ and what would happen if they were to win in November.

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