The Russian Collusion Hoax was the Dirtiest Trick in U.S. Political History

By Michael Todd

In what could only be described as a political hit job using the Federal government’s power, zealots came close to destroying the foundation of our great country. With reckless disregard for the laws protecting people’s rights, members of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the White House sought to overthrow a duly elected president. It was for the greater good in their minds, but in reality, it was to push their political ideology. Recent revelations about the Russian collusion hoax show it to be the dirtiest trick in American political history. FBI Special Agent William J. Barnett provided testimony detailing that the investigation was built entirely on surmised speculation and devoid of credible evidence. He also stated that the FBI investigation and special counsel were manipulated to cause President Trump maximum political damage.

When it became evident that there was no credible evidence implicating Trump and his associates, the critical decision to move forward against General Flynn was made from the top by then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. This came against the objections of FBI agents who concluded there was no conceivable case against Flynn. Once it was decided to go forward, General Flynn’s fate was sealed.

So how did they pull off such a crooked investigation with so many safeguards in place? When the Trump investigation was handed over to the Mueller Team, the partisan crusade was now free to lean on people hoping to get forced confessions. All this while knowing there never was or will be any evidence implicating Trump in collusion. One lawyer hired by Mueller was a woman by the name of Jeannie Rhee. She is significant because she represented Hillary Clinton in her email scandal, defended the Clinton Foundation in a civil racketeering case, and donated to Clinton’s campaign for president. Her position as a critical member of the Mueller probe provided a platform to persecute Donald Trump, who defeated the candidate she supported. Provided the extreme conflict of interest Rhee had with the case, Mueller still brought her on.

There is now proof that in 2016 then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton colluded with a Russian agent to win the election. The Department of Justice revealed that the Steele Dossier’s primary subsource was Igor Danchenko, a former employee of the Brookings Institution in Washington. He was also deemed a national security threat and subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in 2009. Even more astonishing is that the FBI heads were aware of Danchenko’s shady background and participation with the dossier in 2016. With the knowledge that the dossier most likely contained Putin-approved disinformation, James Comey still briefed Barack Obama and President-elect Trump. The meetings and their contents were subsequently leaked to the media sparking the long-drawn-out collusion myth.

Special Agent Barnett, a part of the investigation into former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, would later become a part of the Mueller investigation into Trump. In an interview with US Attorney Jeff Jensen, Barnett stated that members of the Mueller team routinely joked about wiping their phones, which eventually happened to over three dozen phones belonging to the Mueller Team’s senior members. While they say the phones were wiped because of lost passwords, it’s ironic that they would put the phones in airplane mode then forget the password. One reason to do this is to prevent a password reset that would restore the information.

When Democrats couldn’t accept the 2016 presidential election, they embarked on a scorched earth campaign to destroy anyone who dared to associate with Donald Trump. For three and a half years, Democrats have offered nothing but obstruction and chaos.  Without regard for the lives destroyed, they’ve set out to burn down the political system they feel wronged them while never understanding that they are the problem. The issues infecting the Democrat party run deep and have polluted their understanding of justice. As a consequence, their ends justifies the means mentality has led them astray.

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