The Lefts True Agenda

By Michael Todd

“Unholy Alliance.” Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019. Used with permission.

In recent months, we’ve seen riots under the guise of social justice and a litany of other issues that miraculously pop up during elections. So what is the real goal behind such tactics by the left? It’s about masquerading the intensions of their anti-capitalist, anti-individual, anti-constitution, and un-American agenda to remake the United States in their image.

So how do they intend on achieving such a radical agenda? The democrat party long ago realized that if they were to control media, colleges, and grade schools, they could continually plant the seeds of distrust into unknowing participants’ minds. The distribution of information through mass media provides an invaluable vessel for the left to hurl epithets at their opponents, demonizing them and creating a false impression that they are monsters or inhuman. Infecting a new mind with falsehoods also creates ardent supporters unwilling to listen to opposing points of view. Therefore, allowing extraordinarily racist and bigoted language and actions against those they deem racist is considered anti-racist.  An example of this is the constant racist attacks on Ben Carson, Candice Owens, Senator Scott, and many other black conservatives. If the true purpose of Black Lives Matter was to right the wrongs of systemic racism, then it should include everyone, but it doesn’t.    

The unholy alliance (Marxists, Islamists, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, etc.), which has taken hold of the Democrat party, has a clear goal for overthrowing the United States. While Marxists are using African Americans for their plan, Islam has also proudly proclaimed to manipulate the black community for their purpose. Their goal is to convince them that fighting whites, Jews, and Christians, in America is beneficial to them. In reality, it is useful to Islam. But it doesn’t end there. Many governments worldwide have found willing partners in the Democrat party ready to help undermine America. These foreign actors are using the naivete of the social justice movement to create anarchy and devastation.

In Portland, BLM protesters burned bibles and American Flags as they continued their assault on the city. Shaun King (Black Lives Matter) urged rioters to tear down murals and statues of Jesus Christ because, in his eyes, they represent white supremacy. In Seattle, Muslim  Councilwoman Kshama Sawant vowed to overthrow the United States and create a Marxist society.

These tactics are the progenitor of Marxist theory on how to transform society through an unwitting populace.  If anyone wondered what the goals and motivations of the left and their many proxies were, It’s pretty clear that they are intent on creating what they envision to be a Marxist utopia. Unfortunately, the idea is flawed and rooted in junk science that has been routinely disproven through failure.

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