The Lefts Reaction to the Biden Emails Prove they are Authentic

By Michael Todd

Are the restrictions on people and organizations sharing the Biden email scandal a watershed moment for big tech? When the explosive Hunter Biden laptop scandal first published, Twitter and Facebook quickly moved to block the story from their sites. In one of the most significant examples of big tech election interference, they intentionally reduced traffic to the article before even attempting to verify the claims. But this should not come as a shock to anyone because former executives for Twitter and Facebook are currently working for the Biden/Harris campaign.

When Twitter began locking accounts over the Biden email scandal, they immediately restricted access to the New York Posts account and anyone who shared the article. The media also started spinning the story, trying to disparage the Post and anyone spreading the information. They even went as far as to suggest that the information was hacked and obtained illegally. Twitter then started locking accounts from people such as Andrew Kerr from the Daily Caller, for tweeting that the information wasn’t hacked but left at a computer repair shop. They even blocked people from proving the authenticity of the story, which helps legitimize Biden’s emails.

One thing to think about is that if the Biden email scandal were fake information manufactured to hurt Biden, it would have probably included salacious material meant to convey deviance such as that used in the Democrats Steele dossier.  Even the Biden campaign doesn’t dispute that the laptop and its contents were real. They’ve only stated that Joe Biden never met with Vadym Pozharskyi because his Callender has nothing listed during that time. It is also worth noting that Hunter Biden and his lawyer contacted the computer store owner requesting the laptop be returned. The Director of National Intelligence stated today that there is no evidence supporting the claim that the emails were part of a Russian disinformation campaign. A couple of hours before that announcement, the Biden campaign called a halt to all public events and appearances until Thursday. This is a massive development because they do not want to answer questions they know are coming. Fox News has also confirmed that multiple people on the email chains have verified the emails’ authenticity.

As reported by Adam Housley, “The emails in the NY Post story have been verified — they’re solid. The Vadym Pozharskyi email address has historical data dating back to 2014. Furthermore, it is registered to the address of Burisma.”

The Biden transition team hired a top Facebook executive Jessica Hertz which came just days after the Biden campaign sent a letter to Facebook to suppress President Trump’s posts. Twitter’s suppression of the Biden email scandal came right after its director of public policy, Carlos Monje, left and went to work for the Biden Transition team. Additionally,  in August, the New York Times reported that eight other Biden advisory group members work for Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google, or Amazon.  Nick Pacilio, a senior communications manager for Twitter, served as press secretary and deputy press secretary for Harris between 2011 and 2014. Harris, on countless occasions, has called on Twitter to ban the president from the platform

If anything, recent events surrounding the Biden email scandal show us the deep connection between Democrats and the big tech giants. Not only are they working to mislead the American people, but are actively undermining our Republic by censoring speech that goes against their narrative. This also illustrates the depths to which big tech and the media will hide information damaging to Joe Biden.

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