The left has created a monster; it can no longer contain.

By Michael Todd

A liquor store in flames near the 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis on Thursday.
Kerem Yucel/Getty Images

For many years, the left has created a system of attacks designed to label its opponents as immoral tyrants that hate minorities. This has morphed to include women, the LGBT community, Muslims, etc.; this was intended to preserve their voter base due to failed policies that have decimated many constituencies under their umbrella. With the help of the media, they have been remarkably successful casting blame on their opponents for many of the failures they created. The cities of Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Flint, to name a few, are significant examples of how the left redirects blame and use that to label political opponents as uncaring monsters whose policies are killing minority communities. While entirely false, this attack has been enormously effective due to the lefts control of national media, social media, and their constant lamenting of how the political right is the cause of these issues.

Additionally, extremist professors have infested college campuses, spewing dangerous rhetoric designed to destabilize society. They have been able to mold the minds of unsuspecting students that white nationalism is the scourge to blame for all the injustices occurring in our country. As a tactic, it does not cast blame on a specific person, but a group with no way to defend itself. These same strategies were used by Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Mao Zedong, to direct blame away from themselves and focus it towards an ethnic group or their political foes. It is a policy of death by a thousand cuts, which the left was hoping would catapult it into political supremacy over its rivals. With the use of many outlets to sow dissent, the left has convinced many to believe they are the party of moral purity and will fix all the injustices in this country. With assistance from foreign countries, Billionaires such as George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and many others, they have been effective funneling money and support through many different groups to bankroll BLM and ANTIFA. BLM, in turn, donates millions to democrat politicians.  But their grand illusion is breaking apart and creating a monster that can no longer be contained.

With groups such as ANTIFA and BLM, the left has found it more challenging to control the ever-growing anarcho-communist views enveloping the movement. This has led to innocent people being attacked, businesses burned down, police officers killed, and autonomous zones erected, which are rife with theft, assaults, rape, murder, and built upon a segregationist ideology that envisions a future without white people.

So why can’t the left control this anymore? With the dangerous rhetoric coming from the left that has divided society into factions, anarcho-communists have been able to fill the void and capitalize on that sentiment to enact their agenda. They have been able to infiltrate the democratic party through a new generation of extremist politicians. The latter of which supports these actions of destruction to overthrow our current system of government. BLM and ANTIFA hijacked George Floyd’s death to advance an anti-American agenda that involves defunding the police, destroying monuments, and instituting a segregationist ideology. They are using what is called the Prairie Fire Strategy, which Saul Alinsky envisioned using opportunistic violence to achieve one’s goals. The Weather Underground also employed these tactics in the 60s and 70s.  Consequently, through their political greed, the Democrat Party has created a scenario that will end one of two ways, the destruction of our country or their party.

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