The Irony of the Democrats Calling for Unity

By Michael Todd

For the past four years, Democrats have relentlessly attacked President Trump and his supporters using vile and insane language. But this is who the Democrats are, a vengeful group of hate-filled radicals expecting everyone to kiss the ring their self-anointed ruler. While demanding everyone heed their call for unity, they never mention that over the last 20 years, they’ve refused to unify under anyone, not a Democrat. This is why their calls for unity during a constitutional fight over the president’s legitimacy will fall on deaf ears.    

If the media were run by unbiased journalists who cared about their profession’s integrity instead of pushing Democrat propaganda, this request would never see the light of day for its absurdity. Unfortunately, this is not the case as we watch them preach the false narrative of normalcy being brought back to the White House. Joe Biden is one of the most crooked candidates to ever run for the presidency, yet he’s expected to bring an apostolic quality to the office?

The political party now saying, “we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies,” is the same one whose presidential candidate likened Donald Trump to Joseph Goebbels – the Nazi propagandist. They want everyone to forget the countless Democrats and media personalities calling half the country racists, hicks, smelly Walmart people, sexist, misogynistic bigots, white supremacists, and sexual predators for supporting President Trump. Joe Biden is the same man that called  President Trump and his supporters “clowns,” “chumps,” and has regularly threatened people with violence for asking difficult questions. Their last candidate Hillary Clinton referred to conservatives as a “basket of deplorables.” This is the same Democratic Party, in which many members are promoting the “Trump Accountability Project” to preserve a list of those connected with or supporting the Trump administration.

Since 2016, Democrats have done everything they could to impede President Trump and his administration. They were calling him an illegitimate president, even though he received well over 270 electoral college votes. Then-President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden plotted with FBI Director James Comey and CIA Director John Brennan to devise a way of ousting Trump through leaked memoranda of private meetings with the president in regards to the Flynn investigation. Furthermore, the Democrats, with the media’s help, eventually impeached Trump in the House using a  phony whistleblower complaint.

During the riots, not one Democrat stood up to defend those suffering at the hands of ANTIFA and BLM. Members of Joe Biden’s campaign also posted bail for some of those burning down cities and attacking innocent people. Kamala Harris made a call to acting for them to keep up the pressure. Those are not the words and actions of a party seeking unity.  

If you believe the Democratic Party wants unity at the end of the day, you are genuinely misinformed. Their form of unity is for you to bend a knee in submission to Democrat rule while taking away your rights and liberties. When the cycle comes full circle, and their control is threatened again, they’ll resort to their divisive tactics once again, destroying anyone that gets in their way. Don’t be fooled by their hollow words because Democrats are not a party of unity but one of division and misery.    

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