The Great Reset: A Socialist Pipe Dream

By Michael Todd

   In the wake of the COVID pandemic, we have seen the intrusive expansion of government power, forcing people to give up their freedoms for financial assistance. With expanded lockdowns and business closures affecting millions of families losing income due to the coronavirus, the extremely wealthy have been able to swoop in and devour market share, putting many small businesses out of business. They have been able to make record profits while everyone else toils with future uncertainty.  Unfortunately, it runs much deeper than the overt exploitation of those hurting during the pandemic. We are witnessing a  well-orchestrated plan to consolidate wealth, and corrupt politicians are helping them do it. But this is all in preparation for “The Great Reset” of the global economy, which is a proposal to alter the entire global economic system, moving it more toward collectivism and away from capitalism.

   So what is the Great Reset? It is a  three-part plan that seeks to repair the economic destruction caused by the coronavirus; stop the coming climate change disaster; and use the two previous crises as an opening to advance socialist ideals, including the destruction of capitalism and individual rights.

   While there have been some indications that world leaders were preparing a plan to reset the global economic structure, it was formally introduced during the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting. While there, The International Monetary Fund, world leaders, multinational corporations, and the super-wealthy discussed the coming plan for “The Great Reset.” While the specifics are not entirely known, one thing is for sure, the purpose of the plan is to take advantage of the pandemic and climate change to usher in a global socialistic economy. Klaus Schwab, the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, believes that entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems need to be built to facilitate an equal society. He also claimed that the capitalistic desire to make a profit is the problem and that shareholder capitalism must be replaced worldwide with ‘stakeholder capitalism. Translated, he is referring to Socialism or state capitalism/communism.

   The super-wealthy elites are the ones envisioning this utopia, from a tower free from economic hardship. Some will say that we need to ensure fairness and that there is too much greed in capitalism. While that might be true, no system conceived by man will ever be free of greed. The key to a successful economic system is how to use human instinct constructively. Capitalism has been successful because it utilizes greed and transforms it into productivity. Instead of picking winners and losers, the system rewards innovation and productivity. 

   On the other hand, Socialism fails because it requires people to behave in a way that is fundamentally against human nature. Socialism intentionally passes over the question, what percentage of income should be extracted from the economically productive and redistributed to attain supposed social justice. That’s because it is determined entirely arbitrarily by the socialist politicians who control the state and coercively enforce the putative obligation. Since no objective measure for the degree of our punitive moral obligation to one another is known or exists, it manifests int0 the fatal flaw sealing Socialism’s fate.

   While people are generous to a degree and altruism is an essential voluntary social practice that should be encouraged, coercively forcing altruistic behavior upon the economically productive in the name of social justice is completely misaligned with actual human nature. The vagueness and ambiguity of this problematic moral question is purposefully exploited by Socialism. Knowing there is no answer to the question, Socialism intentionally uses deception to imply that the answer is well known and then proceeds to provide the supposed solution to extract the maximum amount of wealth possible from the economically productive and redistributing it amongst the poor. This secures their votes turning them into a permanent lower class.

   When a political system decrees on moral grounds that one does far more for strangers than is in accordance with human nature, even while the vast majority of its own supporters and leaders fail its own proclaimed moral standard, it is clearly neither rational nor genuinely moral.

   The paradoxical element of Socialism led by its irrational demand on human nature indicates Socialism’s real objectives to those who will see. It becomes evident that the proclaimed pillars are no longer altruistic and genuinely concerned with the poor’s welfare. Instead, they are purely political, aimed explicitly at winning political power through the significant electoral support of the naive and the large section that anticipates benefiting materially from Socialism’s redistributive policies.

   Let me be clear; this is not some conspiracy theory lacking evidence to support the claims. But the most significant threat faced by capitalism and individual liberty.  While some may think that “The Great Reset” won’t affect them, they are most assuredly wrong. The global elites see the pandemic as yet another vessel representing an opportunity to re-imagine and reset the global economic structure. They believe this will lead to a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future. What’s worrying is that many of the world’s most influential people and institutions support these ideas and will most likely elicit more support for their cause. Once enough momentum is thrust behind The Great Reset, it will become an unstoppable monster devouring the economic freedoms we enjoy today.  For this reason, we must secure our civil liberties and not allow politicians and those that influence them to subvert our constitutional rights. 

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