The Democrats Latest Fake Scandal

By Michael Todd

Over the past four years, we’ve seen the left make grandiose claims with no evidence to destroy President Trump. In yet another attempt from the left to spin a fake narrative, they are breathlessly reporting on Trump’s conversation with Bob Woodward. In what is probably the most moronic attack, yet the media is claiming that Trump lied about the coronavirus’s severity for political purposes. 

First, Trump wouldn’t have gained politically by downplaying COVID when he knew it was way worse than everyone was letting on. Trump and his administration gave every indication that the virus would inevitably worsen, so countering that fact would present a losing proposition. But what Trump’s actions do tell us is that he chose not to create panic while simultaneously acting to reduce the virus’s spread. Its also worth noting that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer, and many other Democrats were downplaying the virus until March.  

But we don’t have to guess what Trump’s motivations were, because he tells us in the recordings. Rather pointedly, he stated that he did not want to start a panic and said it publicly as well many times. The press knows this and is intentionally pretending it didn’t happen. In January, Trump shut down the border, declared an emergency, created a task force, and moved to limit travel from China. It’s no wonder why the left wants to engineer a fictitious perception in their readers’ minds. 

When media accused Trump of downplaying the virus, he publicly and repeatedly said he was doing so to avoid a panic:  

March 30: “The statements I made are: I want to keep the country calm. I don’t want to panic in the country. I could cause panic much better than even you.”

Charlie Spierling

So what is a President to do in such a situation? One of the primary responsibilities of the President is to attempt to prevent panic in a crisis. Every administration does this and has done it since the founding of our country. If President Trump had rushed out and announced that COVID would bring doom upon us all, it would have created mass panic, food shortages, a run on the banks, and our society would have shut down completely. With critical supplies in short supply due to the previous administration’s actions, the crisis would have been much worse if the President pushed a narrative of fear. This is also very common. The Obama administration routinely downplayed information over many different, less severe crises. 

The latest false news story isn’t really about Trump, but to cover for Biden and the Democrats lack response to combat COVID. Instead of acting in the country’s best interest, the Democrats decided to insinuate that Trump’s actions were not to protect the country but do project racism and xenophobia. Translation, the left badly misjudged COVID to score cheap political points, and want to blame Trump for their mistakes.  

What’s amazing and ridiculous is the media’s propensity to spin news articles that fit the Democrat’s narrative. As with all the other hyperbolic scandals being pushed by the Democrats and their media allies, we are entering into an age where politicians will be unwilling to address complex issues for fear of persecution. The lefts insatiable desire to take down Trump at any cost has led to a situation where political norms are thrown out the window.

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