The Case Against Lockdowns

By Michael Todd

Has anyone genuinely thought about why the left pushes lockdowns so incessantly? It is a way to force people into handing over their rights.  While I understand why the lockdowns were instituted, the way they are being addressed creates substantial push back. Unprecedented restrictions on personal and religious liberties are creating the impression that they are becoming second class rights. Societal angst is boiling to the surface because those pushing hardest for the lockdowns are also the most prominent offenders defying the restrictions.

Why are religious venues being treated differently from casinos? Why are rallies treated differently from protests and riots? We are currently witnessing the government’s uneven hand pushing its political ideology instead of preventing the further spread of COVID. If the goal were to eradicate the virus by preventing its spread, everyone would be treated evenly. To some on the left, religious liberty has fast become a disfavored right. Religious freedom is a cherished right to many, which is why some are using the lockdowns as an excuse for bigotry, which cannot be tolerated.  As a society, we face a dilemma over people not being inclusive enough to accept people with strong religious beliefs.

In the case of California, they have seen a significant spike in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations. Instances of virus infection have doubled, and 41 of the 58 counties are now classified as purple, requiring the strictest lockdown guidelines. While the state is instituting major lockdowns and arresting violators, California Governor Newsom was caught breaking quarantine to attend a birthday party. It is this level of hypocrisy that is causing a rebellion against the draconian institution of the lockdowns.

In Pennsylvania, Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing a mask mandate in homes, which is a significant overreach. While we should ensure people are safe, we live in a free society where people can and should determine if they want to wear a mask in private. Just because we are in the midst of a pandemic doesn’t constitutionally give anyone the right to suspend our rights.

If the lockdowns have taught us anything, they’ve created more harm than good, and we need to develop a different approach to dealing with COVID 19 than the lockdown model. It has generated devastating effects on short- and long-term public health. The lockdowns have lowered childhood-vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular-disease outcomes, caused fewer cancer screenings, and crated deteriorating mental health for many. All of this leads to excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is also a grave injustice. Not to mention the millions of families losing income at alarming rates. This is causing irreparable damage to our society, and the underprivileged are being disproportionately harmed.

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