Social Media is Destroying our Society

By Michael Todd

For over two decades, social media platforms have integrated themselves into the foundational infrastructure of society. Politicians have found it an instrumental tool to connect with their voters, and it has given a voice to people worldwide that live under oppressive governments. But it has also become a source to manipulate society using misleading news stories and blatant omissions. These platforms have also become a breeding ground for authoritarian suppression of opposing voices.

Recently information was released that purportedly illustrates Joe Biden’s meeting with a top executive at Burisma to discuss using his influence on behalf of the company. This story blew up the internet because of its detail and the amount of information it contained. Facebook and Twitter then decided to label it as unverified while simultaneously blocking many conservatives’ accounts that shared the article. Meanwhile, they’ve allowed anti-Trump disinformation to percolate throughout their platforms without any restrictions or warnings. They’ve also demonetized countless individuals expressing their right to freedom of speech. By exhibiting free thought outside of Democrat group think, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., have chosen to punish anyone who expresses opposing views.

Twitter blocked the New York Post account, sighting that the story concerning Joe Biden’s involvement in Ukraine contains unverified information and went against their TOS. This is quite peculiar because the Washington Post, New York Times, the Atlantic, and many other pro-Biden publications have been allowed to spread stories that are proven to be false. For instance, the Russian collusion story has been proven to be fake, yet the publications pushing those stories have never been blocked on Twitter or Facebook. So what is going on with this uneven policing?

Social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook have taken sides in the battle of ideas in our country, making them biased and political tools for the Democrat party. They have also made it easier for foreign and domestic interference in our elections by allowing targeted leaks of political material and leftist propaganda to propagate throughout their platforms. Twitter and Facebook have also played a critical role in undermining the legitimacy of electoral outcomes by allowing the spread of disinformation and the suppression of factual information to shape a narrative. Social media companies have also helped inflame the riots by allowing false reporting and providing ANTIFA and BLM communication tools.   

Social media has created an impersonal form of communication that has removed sensible interactions amongst people. It has also been exceptionally destructive to the youth in our country. This, coupled with the manipulation of information, has created a breeding ground for radical ideologies.

While social media allows us to communicate easily with like-minded people, it has strayed from its original intention. We cannot allow social media to stay an instrument of suppression for the Democrats. The United States was built on a foundation of free speech, and the exchanging of ideas is a fundamental part of that.  If we allow Democrat affiliated companies to impose restrictions on the speech they deem out of bounds, then we no longer have the freedom to express our views.  

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