Media Propaganda is Destroying our Country

By Michael Todd

Why does the media push propaganda from the Democrat party? One clear thing is the media’s ability to shape false narratives. Evidence of this rests in the media’s ability to keep Joe Biden, who is suffering from cognitive issues, afloat during the 2020 presidential election. They are so biased that when he makes crazy statements like “corn pop was a bad dude,” they quickly rush to defend him and interpret his insane ramblings. Essentially explaining what they think he probably meant.  No matter how bad the Democrats and Biden mess up, the media carry their water while insinuating that Trump is a monster.

Biden has flipped on so many issues; even the media is having trouble defending them. Case in point, Biden said he would redirect funding away from police departments. When Trump called him out, the media quickly attacked him and professed Biden’s remarks as not being for the defunding of police departments. Even though most understand his statement, the left and their media cohorts continually push this false narrative.

 “Defund the police” means reallocating or redirecting funding away from the police department to other government agencies funded by the local municipality. That’s it. It’s that simple.”

Rashawn Ray – Brookings Institute

After months of killing innocent people, killing police, looting, and burning down cities, the media still claims that they are peaceful protests. Since ANTIFA and BLM are leftist Marxist groups, the media relentlessly pushes the false narrative that Trump is responsible for the riots, and his rhetoric is causing the violence. Of course, we know that not to be true because the rioters have been given free rein over Democrat-controlled cities and states, which have rejected federal assistance.

The media covers for the Democrats because they are an essential part of the anti-Trump platform. In their quest to destroy President Trump, honesty and integrity have taken a back seat to their mission of win at any cost. One of the most insidious abuses they committed was their involvement in propagating the Russian collusion Hoax. Knowing it was a lie, they continually disseminated false information meant to exacerbate the damage caused by such incorrect information. In conjunction with the previous administration, the media’s goal was to unravel Trump’s presidency, ushering in an eventual Democrat take over of the government.  

After the 2016 Presidential election, one thing became apparent; the media’s ability to shape public perception had diminished. With the realization of not being able to exert as much power shaping the narrative as they had in previous elections, the media still believes in its ability to control the masses.  This is not to say that they don’t exert tremendous influence over people’s perceptions in politics, but they are experiencing a weakened position as influencers. In part, this is due to the increased role of multiple platforms where people can freely share information.  

Media has a vital role to play in society, and when it squanders that role spouting propaganda, it becomes the enemy.  In the constitution, it calls for a free and fair press to preserve our nation while ensuring the protection of the freedoms we enjoy though information. If the information we receive is tainted, then it becomes harder to hold the government accountable. That is why the incestuous union between the media and the Democrat party will never benefit society.  

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