Liberalism is an Oxymoron

By Michael Todd

The term liberalism comes from the willingness to respect or accept opinions different from one’s own; openness to new ideas. Does anyone with a clear conscience believe that is the climate-controlling the current news media? Look no further than the unapologetic suppression of news stories unkind to Joe Biden and the Democrats. What’s happening in our media today is nothing short of totalitarian repression of free speech under the guise of fake news prevention.  The left in this country has gone insane, and the news media is being destroyed because of it.  

For almost four years, the left and their media cronies have pushed countless fake news stories to damage the president. The Russian collusion scandal is one such story driven by the left and continually pressed by the media without any evidence. With the use of unnamed sources and blatantly false accusations, they continued their assault on the president without hesitation. Fast forward to the present; we are seeing communist China level censorship of any factually verified news derogatory to Joe Biden and the Democrats. Why is that?

One reason for the heavy-handed oppression of dissenting voices is that Democrat operatives infest most newsrooms throughout the industry. Many of the news organizations are controlled by fervent liberal supporters unwilling to hold accountable Democrat wrongdoing. Their ends justify the means mentality has generated a climate of unethical treatment towards opposing thought. It has also helped to radicalize the Democrat party.

Without a strong and healthy journalistic apparatus in this country, we run the risk of corruption taking over. Doesn’t anyone wonder why we cannot have an honest discussion about all of the other corrupt cronies within our government?  The cult of intersectionality is dictating what we do, say, and think, and at what point do we say enough? This is not justice, but injustice, and any country that falls into depravity eventually becomes a totalitarian state.  

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