It is Time for the Silent Majority to Stop Being Silent

By Michael Todd

Let’s be clear, im not saying Biden will destroy the country even though he will do quite a bit of damage. What is going to kill our county is the massive election fraud that potentially elected him. With the political establishment and massive amounts of dark money, our countries’ future has been stolen due to political greed. If this is allowed to stand, what’s to stop a tyrant from obtaining power and holding it for life? While those on the left are staying silent because this benefits them, at some point, it will negatively affect everyone.

Election fraud is a severe issue for the survival of our country. While some media outlets commit journalistic malpractice spewing false information that there is no evidence of election fraud, sprawling evidence of fraud continues to mount. With votes being switched, cast for candidates people didn’t vote for,  received after the legal deadline, dead people counted, and judges rewriting voting laws to benefit Democrats, election fraud undermines the sacredness and trust in our voting system. Allowing this to continue without consequence is a threat to peace and stability.

Let’s face it, the Left, the political establishment, shady Billionaires such as George Soros, and Trump-hating Republicans think absolutely nothing matters more than the destruction of Donald Trump and his movement, which is destroying our country.  This is the same group of people that utilized a by all means necessary campaign calling Trump a traitor and the tool of a foreign enemy without any evidence, and baselessly investigated him to ruin his presidency. So what makes you think they wouldn’t commit massive voter fraud to protect their interests by removing Trump?

Even with mountains of evidence showing fraud did occur, the courts, state legislatures, and Congress cannot be relied upon to do the right thing to protect our country from being lost for generations. Salvation only lies with the one group that has never wavered in their support of Trump, the American people. Only we can protect our country’s election sanctity by showing our steadfast devotion to the rule of law and holding people accountable for their greedy political aspirations. As a consequence, we could persuade the necessary political forces to fall into line.

For many years Conservatives have complained about election fraud without holding anyone accountable, but now it has become mainstream. With some of the most serious election crimes happening in our country’s history, destroying the country’s foundation, will the Republicans do something or succumb to the media’s pressure and comrades in the Democratic Party? People need to go to prison for election fraud because that’s the only way it will stop. This is not just about Trump, but the last gasp of a constitutional republic trying to save itself from people with evil intentions.   

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