Is the Deep State Trying to Destroy our Elections for Their Benefit?

By Michael Todd

For many years Donald Trump has spoken about a deep state trying to seize power at any cost.  For those not following the issue or only paying attention to leftist media, the idea would seem far-fetched and incompatible with American values. Unfortunately, it’s all too real and could change the direction of our country forever. Through media propaganda using anonymous sources, the left pushes outlandish accusations knowing false claims set perceptions and retractions never get attention.   

In what sounds like something out of a Tom Clancy spy novel, the left, with Retired General Stanley McChrystal and a political action committee ironically named Defeat Disinfo, are using technology initially developed to counter terrorist propaganda against the Trump campaign. The goal is to use propaganda to neutralize messages from President Trump to benefit Joe Biden.  One of this group’s primary tools is artificial intelligence, to chart out President Trump’s social media claims and then build a counter-narrative. Additionally, they have created a network of over three million influencers, many of whom are with large audiences are being paid to oppose the president. 

Chris Hougland, who is heading up the committee, initially received funding for this technology from DARPA to combat terrorism overseas. The group also uses the system to navigate the rules set forth by social media platforms for transparency in paid political communications.  As a consequence of these actions, Pandora’s box has been opened, and they have sold their souls by employing anti-terror technology in US elections. It’s also worth noting that not even the Chinese or Russians have used such technologies against our country. It’s also worth noting that the American people don’t fund such technologies to be used against them in a presidential election.

In June, the Transition Integrity Project and 67 high profile anti-Trump Democrats (John Podesta, Donna Brazile, and Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff) and Republicans (David Frum, Michael Steele, and Bill Kristol) set out for four days of wargames. They explored how the race between President Trump and Joe Biden could turn into a post-election catastrophe. Without the inclusion of any opposing voices, the group set out to prop up their ideology with baseless claims. The main conclusion was that outside of a Biden landslide, there would be massive riots and a constitutional crisis. What this shows is the lefts delusion that anything outside of a Biden electoral win should be cast as illegitimate. Essentially, they are trying to hold the country hostage to achieve their own political goals.  

So what is the objective of using such technologies and releasing wargame scenarios during an election? One goal is to generate chaos or the perception of disorder as a means to further election illegitimacy. Additionally, the use of disinformation as a central tenet to the left’s strategy shows their complete disregard for electoral sanctity. If the integrity of America’s elections is destroyed because of the left’s unquenchable thirst for power, then the ideals that make this country great will finally be at an end. 

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