How Trump Won the Debate

By Michael Todd

In what was probably one of the worst attempts at moderating a debate in recent history, it quickly became apparent that Wallace was out to protect Biden. Chris Wallace did himself a disservice by continually interrupting Trump and giving Biden a pass on many questions, such as packing the supreme court and his reluctance to condemn ANTIFA strongly. Wallace interrupted President Trump 45 times, and Biden only 15.

President Trump was able to force Biden into disavowing significant ideological elements of the Democrat party. While many on the left in the media are touting a Biden victory, what did he achieve? Trump’s goal was to create further dysfunction amongst the many radical groups within the Democrat party and accomplished it beautifully. When Trump hit Biden for backing the Green New Deal, Biden instantly said he was against it. Trump then proclaimed, “you just lost the left.” Joe Biden then rambled about being the Democrat party leader, saying, “I am the party, and I approve the platform.” But he doesn’t, and Trump understands this.  Joe Biden is a squishy candidate that has played both sides of many issues, and it is one of his most significant weaknesses.

While Trump came across as forceful and argumentative, Biden was evasive and frustrated.  When exasperated, Biden resorted to scoffing and looking at Chris Wallace to bail him out. That does not inspire confidence in those looking to have their minds changed during a debate. With many challenges facing our country, people want a fighter who will stand up to the forces wishing to destroy our nation. Joe Biden does not exude those qualities of strength, while Trump does. That is why police unions across this country support Trump because he is not beholden to the social justice trade winds putting their lives in danger.


While the left sees protecting the environment as one of their strengths, many radical elements within the Democrat party make it a contentious issue.  That is why this particular issue could have just cost Biden the election. One way Biden has received support from the Sanders/AOC wing of the party was to back the Green New Deal.  Now he is disputing his support of the program, saying his plan is not the Green New Deal. Yet his website states otherwise. This is where Trump rightly states, “you just lost the left.” It is also worth noting that Kamala Harris was a co-sponsor with AOC on the Green New Deal.

“Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

The Supreme Court:

When asked about his filling of the supreme court vacancy left after the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump came out swinging. His position is that the President is elected to a full term of four years, not three. He has the right and obligation to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. Biden then pivoted to protecting the Affordable Care Act, which is not a good counter to the President’s argument. When Biden was asked if he would pack the Supreme Court, Biden refused to deny it, giving a non-answer.

The Economy:

In this exchange, Trump has the high ground, making forceful arguments supporting his economic growth record and the lowest unemployment in American history. He also emphasized the stagnant economic growth and weak recovery under the Obama/Biden administration. Biden launched into mistruths centered around only billionaires making money in the Trump economy.  A majority of Americans attribute COVID as the reason for the economic slowdown, and the V-shaped recovery is proving those beliefs correct. Biden also tried to tout the Obama Administrations’ economy for the successes Trump has enjoyed, which is entirely false. Under Trump, you had record low unemployment for minorities, faster wage growth, manufacturing expansion, and companies moving back to America.

Law and Order:

Regarding the current rioting and violence engulfing liberal cities, Trump reminded audiences that BLM and ANTIFA are the ones committing street violence. Biden then tried to walk a thin line denouncing violence AND racism, but not ANTIFA. It came across as being weak and not willing to take a stand against those burning down cities. People understand that the violence being committed by ANTIFA and BLM are not the fault of the President, but the cause of Democrat inaction. 

What the left doesn’t realize is that Trump understands how to force his opponents into stating their actual positions. Trump is an apex predator that takes no prisoners, and Biden couldn’t handle it. The majority of Americans have already made up the minds, and the debates are all about firing up your base. If Biden won the debate like some in the media want you to believe, why are they so anxious to cancel the next two debates? A narrative is only damaging to a candidate if it changes a pre-existing view of that candidate. Trump was able to push Biden into a box, creating significant problems for him from now on.

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