How George Soros Plans to Reshape American Society

By Michael Todd

With riots plaguing Democrat-controlled cities, the question arises, who is funding the protesters?  One of the names continuously mentioned concerning the riots is George Soros. From his funding of political campaigns to the many originations he operates, Soros has been a destabilizing figure in our society for many years. It is also worth noting that George Soros, and his son Alexander Soros, played a pivotal role in selecting Kamala Harris as Joe Bidens VP pick. 

Everybody says that I have a lot of power. But what does that power consist of?… Can I influence governments? I am beginning to be able to…” (1995)

George Soros

For almost three decades, George Soros has personally thrown funding behind radical activist groups, social media companies, and state, local, and federal politicians’ political campaigns. Why does this matter? Because George Soros is responsible for many of the issues we see in our society today. He has spent millions of dollars in local elections to elect radical leftist district attorneys, judges, and mayors. We see the fruits of this labor in the cities hardest hit by the riots. When ANTIFA and BLM rioters are arrested, the district attorneys elected with Soros money refuse to press charges. The county and local judges that have received funding from Soros readily release without bail rioters that have committed serious crimes. By pumping massive amounts of money into local candidates that share his ideological philosophy, he can fund domestic terror groups that incite violence. The politicians he has given money will protect them.

The Open Society Foundation has invested $220 million into Black-led racial justice groups to inject race and identity into politics to reshape the political activists’ landscape. The Open Society is also pushing $70 million into local communities to force policing and criminal justice changes. Remember the funding going to local politicians that are refusing to prosecute rioters? The president of the Open Society Foundation, Patrick Gaspard, said, “now is the moment we’ve been investing in for the last 25 years.” From the beginning, their goal has been to use race as a tool to create chaos for a political end. By antagonizing black Americans into believing our country is against them, Soros can exploit that weakness in our culture to reshape the United States.     

  Whether you believe it or not, many of the demonstrations occurring in our country have ties to Soros’s funds. We are witnessing a coordinated effort from allies of the Democrat party who are rioting, looting, burning down cities, attacking innocent people, and attacking the police.  These are the tactics of domestic terrorists with the sole purpose of overthrowing our system of government. From open borders to cancel culture, this attempts to remake our country into an unrealistic  Marxist utopia.  

With his deep ties controlling the Democrat party and the radical activist groups causing chaos throughout the country, Soros is committed to destroying the United States one piece at a time. Now our country is being subjected to a misguided political ideology, and people suffer because of it. To obtain power at any cost, the Democrat party sold its soul to the highest bidder, and his name is George Soros.

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