How a Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier Tricked the Left

By Michael Todd

In a stunning instance of media and big tech propaganda, the media refused to cover Joe Biden’s scandals.  Simultaneously, social media platforms banned any reports on their sites informing people of Biden’s negatives; in other words, the truth. Unfortunately, this led to a grossly uninformed electorate that was not given the luxury of knowing the actual Joe Biden.   

   Recently In multiple surveys reflect that many of Biden’s voters said they would not have voted for him if they had known about him and his son’s questionable business dealings with foreign governments such as China. Even more astonishing was a poll performed by McLaughlin & Associates showing that 36% of Biden voters were not aware of the scandal, and 13% said they would not have voted for Biden if they had known about the scandal.

   Hunter Biden is no stranger to scandal, from his eyebrow-raising dealings in Delaware, China, Russia, and Ukraine to controversies including drug use, infidelity, and failure to pay child support. Joe Biden’s son has faced accusations of corrupt behavior from both sides of the political aisle and played a starring role in the spurious impeachment proceedings against President Trump. At the forefront of the controversy is not just Hunter Biden’s irresponsible behavior, but the sweetheart windfalls he obtained without merit because of the political connections that he could monetize.

   In 2008, both The New York Times and The American Spectator raised suspicion over Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deals during his father’s rise in political importance within the Democratic Party. In one instance, they found that Hunter Biden received consulting fees from financial services company MBNA while his father, then a senator, was pushing successfully for legislation to make it harder for consumers to file for bankruptcy protection. While the specific amount of Biden’s payments was uncertain, a company official had previously stated that he was receiving at least a $100,000 per year retainer, the Times reported.

   From 1996 to 1998, Hunter Biden did work at MBNA, and his tenure there was laden with red flags. A former senior personal banking officer at MBNA, Rachel Mullen, even went as far as to say that managers referred to Hunter Biden as “Senator MBNA” after being hired into a lucrative management-preparation path right after he graduated from Yale Law School. On multiple occasions, Biden was overheard boasting that he was being paid an unusually high salary for the management-prep track. This position was widely seen in the company as a grooming tool for well-connected executive candidates with influential family members. It was also widely understood that Hunter Biden was essentially engaging in lobbying and not working directly with the other managers.

   The Biden’s connections to MBNA don’t stop there. In January 2008, columnist Byron York wrote an article entitled “The Senator from MBNA,” where he reported how then-MBNA vice-chairman John Cochran spent a “top dollar” amount  for Joe Biden’s home in February 1996, prior to his Senate reelection bid, and that “MBNA gave Cochran a lot of money, $330,000, to help with ‘expenses’ related to the move.” Cochran paid $1.2 million for the home, which as Byron York puts it was a “pretty darned good deal for Biden,” and that “Cochran simply paid Biden’s full asking price” even while the “house needed quite a bit of work; contractors and their trucks descended on the house for months after the purchase.”

   In April 2014, Hunter Biden and his friend Devon Archer joined the board of Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company, even though Biden cannot speak Ukrainian or had any oil and gas experience. Additionally, Joe Biden, while on camera, bragged that when he was spearheading the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy, he successfully pressured Ukraine to fire top prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Those familiar with the situation have alleged that Biden was selling influence who had been pushing Ukraine to increase natural gas production at the time.  When a career State Department employee testified in front of congress that he had flagged the noticeable conflict of interest, he was instructed to walk away. Political scientist Ian Bremmer stated on Twitter that it was “Impossible to justify $50k/month for Hunter Biden serving on a Ukrainian energy board w zero expertise unless he promised to sell access.” In an ABC News report which explored the Bidens’ China dealings, Tom Llamas said it was “strange” that a company widely suspected of corruption would appoint Hunter Biden to its board of directors.

   In a letter requesting records over Hunter Biden’s China connections, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson wrote, “In December of 2013, one month after Rosemont Seneca’s joint venture with Bohai Capital to form BHR, Hunter Biden reportedly flew aboard Air Force Two with then-Vice President Biden to China.”  They also added that “While in China, he helped arrange for Jonathan Li, CEO of Bohai Capital, to ‘shake hands’ with Vice President Biden.”  Subsequently, Hunter met with Li for an alleged social meeting, culminating in BHR’s business license being approved., It is also worth noting that the subsequent discussion fostered the Bank of China, which is control by the Chinese government, invested $1.5 billion in the BHR hedge fund.

   After months of concealing and avoiding the many disgraceful conflicts of interest surrounding Joe Biden to facilitate his presidential election, they cannot shelve the shocking truth forever. The media elites have pretended for too long that they are the arbiters of a free and democratic exchange of information while simultaneously holding powerful people accountable. Instead, they have been propagating anti-Democratic narratives and engaging in character assassination of conservatives to protect the transgressions of Democrats. In conjunction with so-called independent fact-checking groups, which are offshoots of well connected progressive groups, they have effectively shut down journalism they don’t like. Consequently, Democrats have blissfully been force-fed mistruths culminating in an uninformed vote for Biden, that many on the left are now regretting.   

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