From Russiagate with Love

By Michael Todd

   In the latest release of Russiagate documents detailing the insidious ploy to frame President Trump, DNI Ratcliffe pinned a letter regarding the Clinton campaign’s efforts to create the Trump/Russia hoax. In a letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham, Ratcliff revealed that U.S. intelligence officials knew in July 2016 that the Russians were aware of the Clinton scheme to tie Trump to the Russians’ and the hacking of the Democratic National Committee. But this goes much deeper than an elaborate plot to ruin a presidential candidate. The Russiagate hoax was created as a distraction to protect Clinton and many other Obama administration officials who freely communicated on Clinton’s unsecured email server, which the Russians had gained access.

   Ratcliffe stated that former CIA Director John Brennan allegedly deemed the information so vital to national security that he shared it with President Obama and other senior security officials. On Sept. 7, 2016, Intelligence officials referred the case for investigation to then-FBI Director James Comey regarding “U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server. Now, this information is not new, and we already understood that in the spring of 2016, the Clinton campaign had hired Fusion GPS (Christopher Steele) to tie Trump to Russia to the email hack by any means necessary. The purpose of rehashing Steele’s fishing expedition in Russian is to show how the Kremlin and U.S. intelligence became aware of what the Clinton campaign was up to in July 2016.

   The letter is a smoking gun because, through their own emails, it details how Obama administration officials willfully ignored all evidence to the contrary in their relentless pursuit of Trump. With all the information Brennan had showing the Clinton campaign’s ploy to blame Trump for Russian collusion, Brennan himself became one of the primary architects of the Trump/Russia conspiracy, pushing the misinformation throughout the government.

   James Comey, who seems to forget everything of importance during an investigation, astonishingly claimed at his Senate hearing last week that he had no recollection of the U.S. intelligence referral connecting Clinton’s emails and Trump’s supposed Russia connections. This is a significant contradiction because he was the one that hand-picked the personnel looking into the referral by keeping it within upper management at the FBI.

   What makes Brennan and Comey’s deceit so troubling is that they purposefully ignored the information showing Clinton’s role while imbracing disinformation they knew to be false.  If they had been acting in good faith, all material coming from the Clinton campaign regarding Trump should have been suspect. Yet, Brennan insisted on the highly salacious Steele dossier he knew to be false, be included in the  Obama administration’s late 2016 Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian interference, and then lied about it. Comey, who keep in mind, also knew where the information was coming from, signed FISA court applications using the Steele dossier to justify spying on Carter Page and the Trump campaign. In the Clinton campaign’s case, their dishonesty is particularly egregious because of its vital role in Russiagate, which is beyond dispute. But it is just one part of a larger strategy of confusing the public using misdirection.

   DNI Ratcliffe’s letter is just the latest in a long line of undeniable facts establishing beyond any doubt that that the government was weaponized against President Trump. With substantial evidence proving malicious intent, it is clear that Russiagate was a well-orchestrated plan to inflict maximum damage to President Trump. The now infamous fake Russian collusion scandal marred Donald Trump’s presidency, successfully causing chaos because of political greed. Consequently, the sustained hearings, faux impeachment, and countless Democrat operatives’ fomenting fear of Donald Trump through baseless accusations have created a vast chasm separating political ideologies. It has virtually destroyed any goodwill between the left and right, making the simplest of legislative tasks impossible. Additionally, the actions taken by those seeking to remove Trump from the presidency on both the left and right illustrates a new low in political vindictiveness.

   This is the quandary we are in, a fork in the road, to be exact. Our country is controlled by corrupt people with terrible intentions, who have infested every nook and cranny within the government. They would rather destroy the country and hurt the citizenry than lose power? So we must ask ourselves, is this a country we want to leave to our children? If not, we must change direction or become just another failed country in the dust bin of history, leaving our children a bleak and dreadful future.

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