Democrats Only Want Free Speech If Their Opponents Don’t Have It

By Michael Todd


  The social schism afflicting our country is the direct result of heated propaganda and calls for violence against conservatives and the President by Democrat politicians for over four years. Let us not forget all the people wearing  Make America Great hats that were violently attacked and killed in some cases because Democrat politicians and media pundits said it represented racism. Democrat politicians called Trump supporters domestic terrorists, racists, deplorable, irredeemable, stupid hicks, flat-earthers, fascists, and a slew of other slurs.  Yet, the media wants everyone to believe that Conservatives are terrorists and liars bent on destroying democracy. Unfortunately, they have taken that manufactured sentiment and used it to consolidate power by eliminating many avenues for opposing voices to speak out.

   The media feeds a false narrative to those who do not venture outside of their comfortable echo chambers in what they believe to be a country inhabited by radical outlier groups of white supremacists bent on destroying the harmonious society the left is trying to build. By never challenging the information they are provided, those getting their news from many mainstream media sources have garnered disdain for anyone speaking out against the actions of the Democratic party. It has led to riots, attacks on innocent people, the destruction of minority communities, the canceling of media apps that allow free speech, and violent attacks against Conservatives, to name a few. So they readily support intrusive tactics bent on silencing the opposition by any means necessary. But the picture being painted for Democrat voters is fiction and an attempt to control the flow of information further, giving them carte blanche throughout the mainstream and digital media space.

   The Democratic Party, big tech, and mainstream media seek to create an informational monoculture free of intellectual and ideological diversity. In other words, a media culture devoid of political diversity or dissent that will punish anyone speaking out against their belief system.  Democrats need to understand that the system they’ve created to control information through ever-changing social conformity standards will demand nourishment and eventually turn on them. If history has taught us anything, it’s that tyranny is born from wrongly vilifying and dehumanizing large groups of people, making it acceptable to strip away their rights and freedoms under the guise of unity(1930’s Germany).   

   When watching the news, you would think that anyone harboring conservative views is a terrorist. You would also believe that ANTIFA and BLM were wholesome organizations peacefully protesting for many months. Meanwhile, they created billions of dollars in damages, killed over three dozen people, attacked many more, killed cops, destroyed inner-city communities inhabited by poor people, and forced many businesses to move. Their actions not only destroyed people’s lives but reduced access to food and other necessities in many of the poor communities they destroyed. This is the problem plaguing our country, big tech, the media, and the democrat party playing politics and generating narratives that attempt to shift responsibility to their opponents while protecting themselves. This is also one reason the  Democratic party continually breaks promises to improve minority communities while exploiting their votes. They are not held liable for their inaction because they repeatedly blame others for their mistakes without being held responsible.

   While many people will readily submit to pressure forcing them to conform within a group, others will find the restrictions oppressive, which will lead to conflict. This is where societal conformity ceases to function as a tactic, leading to more intrusive schemes forcing agreement rather than letting it happen naturally. For instance, this leads to oppositional thought restriction and gives rise to de-platforming on social media sites and the restricting books and publications, eradicating dissent to their control. Furthermore, the gradual rewriting of history is used to force conformity to their philosophy through indoctrination. If successive generations do not understand their rights, they will not distinguish between liberty and gradual oppression.

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