Democrats are Against World Peace when Donald Trump achieves it

By Michael Todd

In a stunning act of political obliviousness, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party would instead root against world peace to protect their political ambitions. Calling the recent peace deals brokered by Trump a distraction, Pelosi pontificated her disdain for the President while attacking his Middle East efforts. This lack of awareness is indicative of how they treat minorities. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise from a political party that has abandoned innercity blacks and Latinos with broken promises and deplorable conditions.

What should only be billed as a monumental moment in world history, peace between Israel and two Arab nations within a month is an enormous win for stability in the region. The agreements are the first normalized relations accords between Israel and Arab countries in over 25 years. But you wouldn’t understand the significance when listening to Pelosi. In snide remarks illustrating her contempt for anything, not Democrat, she stated when asked, “So, good for him for having a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the numbers of people who are dying from this virus only increases.” It is also worth noting that Trump is the first American President in 39 years not to start a war or thrust the United States into an international armed conflict.

Like their disregard for the peace accord in the Middle East, Democrats have always taken for granted voting blocks such as the black community. Believing that blacks would, by default, vote democrat, they don’t have an incentive to deliver on their bombastic rhetoric. With blacks and Latinos not challenging Democrats to earn their votes, leaders such as Pelosi are emboldened to pursue their political ambitions and not the will of the people that voted for them. The left is so emboldened and cocky that blacks will only vote for them that Joe Biden told members of the black community that if they aren’t voting for him, they aren’t black.

Pelosi, Biden, and Schummer are prime examples of why we can’t come together as Americans to tackle issues like COVID. They are to blame for the millions of COVID lockdown victims not getting the financial relief they deserve. Their reasoning is most likely due to them wanting maximum pain for those suffering, so Trump does not get reelected.

The left’s hatred of Trump has transcended into anti-Americanism, and they are actively rooting against the United States for political expedience. As a consequence, they have committed to an anything-goes campaign of destruction to attain their anti-Trump goals. Unfortunately, this has led to the destruction of many social and political norms that would typically bring about cooperation between the two parties.

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