Critical Race Theory is Creating a Horrifying Dystopia

By Michael Todd

How does identity politics through critical race theory sow hatred in our country when there are many opportunities to rise above the division? For one, it promotes some of the cruelest and immoral ways of judging people based on their physical characteristics. While this isn’t the basis of critical race theory, it is being used to promote ethnic estrangement throughout our society. Additionally, many of the activists promoting critical race theory have little desire to end racism because they see it as a tool to tear down civil society. These methods of pushing a radical agenda are very similar to those used by the Bolsheviks in Russia.

One of Stalin’s main tactics in propagating fear among the people was to stir up hostilities amongst the people where resentments had never existed before. The Komsomol (communist youth league) would go from town to town, inciting division, creating destruction, and turning neighbors against one another. Like today’s ANTIFA and BLM, the Soviets used mobs to do their dirty work.

Critical race theory is designed to condemn many societal elements by labeling them as a projection of whiteness. These include hard work, self-reliance, civility, and the two-parent family, to name a few examples. While none of these are white only values, critical race theory is used to generate hatred for social norms by associating them with a perceived injustice. Subsequently, they are creating a form of racial consciousness to breed hate. This has ironically evolved into a segregationist mentality reminiscent of Jim Crow. Look no further than Seattle, where they are using segregation in their libraries to perpetuate what they see as racial equality. So what is its real purpose?  The intention is to serve as a convenient pretext to grab power. If they can increase social stratification, then it is easier to conquer each group one by one. 

Unfortunately, racial identity has become a psychological roadblock for many who have been manipulated into believing that large swaths of the American people are against them because of their skin color.  This is not true, and the Democrat party’s irresponsible use of racially labeling everything they disagree with has created a perpetual cycle of distrust within the black community. But what is the actual goal of such tactics? It is to scare people into believing their only hope is the Democrat party.

Many black Americans are starting to recognize that the Democrat party is not about helping them but holding back their progression for political gain. Labeling whites as the reason black communities are being depressed only serves to project anger to someone else while neglecting the issue’s actual cause, Democrat policies.

It is time that people woke up and realized that the Democrat party is the cause of many of our society’s problems, including the lack of cohesion between the many ethnicities that make up our great country. Don’t get me wrong; there is no one size fits all solution that will magically erase the distrust generated by the Democrats. But recognizing where the problem arises will help stop the eternal angst of racial doubt that prevents social cohesion.

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