Bidens Corruption Is Astounding, And People Are Starting to Believe It

By Michael Todd

In one of the greatest disservices propagated by the media, they have chosen to protect Joe Biden over our country’s best interests. People need to understand the gravity and level of deceit committed by the Biden family and their media apologists. This is also one of the most blatant cases of media hypocrisy ever presented to the American people. After years of fake Russian collusion accusations and the attempted removal of a president with zero evidence to support their claims, you would think that the left and their media cohorts would be a little more mindful of their actions. The media knows the Biden story is true but feel the American people are too ignorant to recognize how they report the news.  So they will continue to blame Russia.

Evidence shows that Joe Biden benefitted from his position as Vice President while using his son and brother as intermediaries. The evidence being referenced includes emails, videos, recordings, text messages, and first-hand witnesses.  So what exactly happened in the Biden corruption scandal?  Joe Biden knew about his son’s overseas business deals and used Hunter as a middleman to enrich himself while still vice president. The New York Post released an email exchange from 2014, Showing the younger Biden appearing to use his clout to increase his salary at Burisma, one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies. He’s also profited from dealings in other countries, including China, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Most Notably, his dealings with the Chinese government and the potential ramifications it would have on our country if he were to get elected.   In 2019 a State Department official testified that he warned Joe Biden that his son’s role with Burisma looked terrible for the Obama administration. Moreover, when the New York Post did a sweep of the hard drive, a copy from Hunter Biden’s laptop, they also found pictures of him smoking a crack pipe and alleged child pornography. Subsequently, the evidence was forwarded to the FBI for further investigation.

Even though the media is spinning this every way they can, people are still accessing the information and not liking what they see. In a recent survey, most likely voters believe Joe Biden was involved in his son’s foreign business deals 54 to 38, according to Mondays Rasmussen poll. The survey found that voters believe Joe Biden was consulted and most likely profited off of Hunter Biden’s business dealings using his influence. The poll comes a few days after Biden’s former business partners stated that Joe Biden was aware of the discussions in 2017 regarding his son’s dealings with CEFC China Energy Co., which is a Chinese oil company.

A vast majority of President Trump’s supporters believe Biden knew of his son’s business ventures, compared to just 15 of Biden supporters. Thirty-five percent of likely voters believe Biden is more corrupt than most politicians. Additionally, 45 percent of white respondents believe that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings. More than half of black respondents also said it was very likely that the former vice president knew about his son’s work abroad.

In what can only be described as a cover-up to protect Joe Biden, the media has repeatedly thrown journalistic ethics out the window. This scandal epitomizes the corruption that has made Biden a millionaire on a 180 thousand dollar salary.  Biden also exemplifies the typical government corruptocrat and how they leach off the system to enrich themselves. Trump personifies what it is to be an anti-corruption president, and the swamp hates him for it.   

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