A Perspective on why not to Vote Democrat

By Michael Todd

Credit: AP

Due to the left’s continuous desire to develop narratives that distract from their failures, they’ve boxed themselves in with their support for lawlessness. With the continual gaslighting of issues meant to inflame tensions and blame President Trump, it has become difficult for them to control the radicalized monster they’ve created. As a result, the Democrat party has moved further left, leaving many liberals behind. 

With leftist rage mobs becoming bolder, Democrats find it more acceptable to use racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic language against people they disagree with. They feel that using this type of language is appropriate because, in their eyes, they occupy the moral high ground.  Therefore it’s justified to commit racist and extreme acts of violence against those they deem racist. Everywhere leftist mobs are attacking men, women, and children because they perceive them as evil due to their skin color, religion, or political affiliation. The media and the Democrat party share the blame because they’ve inflamed tensions to score cheap political points. Less than two months ago, Kamala Harris said that the protestors shouldn’t let up as cities were burning. Representative Ayanna Pressley called on people to target GOP Senators and Congressmen and women, and said, “there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.” That’s code for as long as President Trump is in office.

This has little to do with racial injustice and everything to do with politics. If the Democrats truly cared about racial injustice, they would want to bring everyone together to fix the issues. Yet they use minorities as political tools while neglecting to improve the horrid inner-city conditions affecting them. People need to wake up and realize the Democrats have become ideologically corrupted by the many radical elements controlling their political party.  The unholy alliance infecting the DNC has made violence the preferred instrument to remake our country. If they can corrupt the young and intimidate old, then they can do whatever they want. These tactics are not new but repackaged tricks used by Marxists.

After President Trump’s speech on the last day of the Republican National Convention,  BLM, and ANTIFA chose to berate and attack supporters leaving the white house.  Using racial, homophobic, and sexist language in conjunction with an oppressive anti-free speech tone, the rioters tried to silence those listening to the President’s speech. These are the fanatical representatives of the left that everyone should understand is running the Democrat party. They are the loudest voices on the left, which have steadily moved the Democrat Party into supporting an extreme leftist ideology. 

The election in November is critical because it illustrates the deep divide between Americans over our country’s future. We are in a battle between right vs. wrong, morality vs. immorality, good vs. evil, Law vs. Anarchy, and Capitalism vs. Marxism. With increasing hostility from radical leftist groups taking over cities run by Democrats, people must ask themselves what’s more important, the Democrat Party or their livelihoods? Regardless, if you like President Trump or not, we must leave a better future for our children, and  Donald Trump is the only candidate with that vision. So we must take a stand now and vote,  or watch our country fall into depravity with the Democrat’s vision of social justice authoritarianism.

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